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Critical Neuroscience

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Critical Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field of reflexive study that applies perspectives of science studies, philosophy and medical anthropology to examine how neuroscientists construct their objects of inquiry, and how research findings are transformed into popular knowledge. Engaged with the lab and with neuroscientists, it also contributes to empirical neuroscience by providing tools to develop new experimental approaches that situate the brain in its context and study interactions between genes, brains, behaviour and social environments. Co-founded together with Jan Slaby, this research program, was first funded by a blue skies research grant in Berlin in 2007, and has since developed through an international network of researchers, workshops, conferences and interdisciplinary courses. It examines how brain data are incorporated or resisted by new subjectivities, and explores new forms of production of biomedical knowledge (e.g. bio-hacking, open source, discovery science), particularly those styled as critical or as challenging conventional research processes and norms. 

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